What is NFC in the phone? And How Does It Work?

Are you wondering about NFC? In this post, you will know the importance of NFC for Android Ios and Jio Phones. Also, you will know how to use this feature.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near-Field Communication It works like a wireless service. We can send or receive data between two devices through NFC.

How to use NFC
How to use NFC

How Does It Work?

When we enable NFC in our device, it establishes an Electromagnetic field around the device. If you want to transfer data between two devices, then the required distance between the devices is 0-4 cm; otherwise, it will not work.

How to use NFC?

First of all, Take two NFC compatible devices and enable NFC in both phones. You can transfer data through this feature. For instance, we want to share a web page from one device to another, which is opened in our chrome browser. Now bring both devices as closely as possible.

When your device detects another device, it will ask permission to share that web page. As you tap on, allow your webpage will be shared in another phone.

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Wi-Fi vs NFC

As we all know, we can transfer data through Wi-Fi. Now the question is, what is the difference between these two features?

Generally, Wi-Fi works within the distance of 20m-50m, but For NFC, the required distance between two devices is less than 4 cm.

The data transfer speed while using NFC is 106kbps-424 kbps, which is not so fast, but Wi-Fi can transfer files more quickly than NFC. And the transfer speed of Wi-Fi is 11 Mbps (approximately). It depends on the distance.

Importance of This Feature in Phones

NFC is mostly used while paying bills because it does not require so much data. In NFC, we can save our credit or debit card details. And then we can pay bills by one click. People are using this feature because it is a speedy process.

payment through nfc
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What are the NFC Tags?

We can store small data in these tags like we can save login details, Wi-Fi passwords, etc. And when we touch our NFC enabled device on these tags, the data will be transferred in our mobile quickly.

What is NFC in Jio phone

The cheapest 4g smartphone in India Jio phone comes with this feature. So we can pay the bill through the Jio money app. although it is not so popular at this time.


Q. Can we transfer big files through NFC?
Ans. YES, We can transfer big files, but we would not recommend you to use this feature while transferring big data because the transfer speed is not so high. Use Wi-Fi for big files.

Q. Is NFC safe?
Ans. Yes, it is safe. It is not an automatic data transfer feature once it will ask permission. But use it carefully.

Q. Is NFC a Bluetooth?
Ans. No, NFC is a Near-Field Communication.

Q. Is my phone NFC enabled?
Ans. Open your mobile setting and search for NFC? If your device is compatible with NFC, then you will see an option. If no, then your device is not NFC compatible.

Q. Is NFC faster than Wi-Fi?
Ans. No

I hope now you are aware of this feature if you have any queries related to NFC. Ask us in the comment section below we will reply ASAP.


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