How to Make a video call in Jio phone

As we all know, Jio phone is the cheapest 4g smartphone in India, so every Jio phone user wants to get connected to their loved ones through video calls. So here is how to can make a video call in Jio phone without interruptions.

video call in jio phone

In android devices, we can make video calls through a lot of apps like whatsapp, messenger, IMO, etc. but Jio phones have only a few apps. It supports the Kaios operating system, and developers are creating new apps day by day. But now the question is that can we make video calls in Jio phone without all those apps? and the answer is yes. However, Jio phone has a few Apps. Still, we can make video calls.

Download Jio phone video call app

First of all, download both the Jio video call app and Jio chat app in your Jio phone through the Jio store. In some models, it is pre-installed, so check your phone once. If you have these apps, then we can proceed further.


  • Jio phone
  • Data plan
  • Anyone you want to call must also have Jio video call app

How to make a video call in Jiophone step by step process

You can only make calls to those who have a Jio phone video call and Jio chat app. Make sure your friend has installed these apps.

Save Your friend’s Jio phone number in your contact list


Go to menu

Open Jio video call app

Choose your friend’s mobile number


Press ok

Another Method

Keep Jio phones’ calling button pressed for a while. It will open the Jio video call app and then follow the above steps.

video call app jio phone

This is how you can make a video call through Jio phone. By this process, stay connected with your loved ones and enjoy high-quality HD video calls.

Jio phone whatsapp video call

This feature is not available in Jio phone that means you can not make video calls through whatsapp in all Jio phone models. We can only make video calls through the Jio video call app.

How to make a video call to Android users

It is straightforward to call android users. Follow these steps .

  • open play store in android phone
  • search for Jio video call app
  • download this app
  • save this android mobile number in your Jio phone
  • now open Jio video call app in Jio phone
  • select the android contact number and press ok
jio device

In this way, you can quickly call your friends who are not using Jio phone. Also, remember they must have installed the Jio video call app. This is the only way to get connected with jo phone users via video calls.

Jio phone has only 0.3MP front camera, so do not expect too much. You may get bad video quality. However, this device supports the 4g network, so the data transfer speed is excellent.

I hope this post helped you. If you have any doubt, let us know in the comment section below. We will reply ASAP.


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