Best SEO Tips For New Bloggers

I’ve been working with WordPress since WordPress came out. I’ve been doing search engine optimization basically since it started. and today, I will tell you all the things I have learned about WordPress. So you can use it to benefit your website.

Table of Contents

1.Separate categories and Tags

You have to choose between categories or tags. WordPress has the category feature or the tag feature. Both can create essential problems. Especially if that both live. For example, add a live category for news. and you had a live tag for news. Those two things would create competing URLs. You must choose one.

I recommend that you know the index labels and keep categories alive, and you make sure you optimize those categories.

2.Add Sitemap

you need to have a site map. But not only a site map needs to have multiple Site maps. There are video sitemap, image sitemap, and if you are in Google News from the Google News sitemap. Make sure you have all those site maps.

  • XML
  • Image
  • Video
  • Google News
  • HTML Sitemap

you need to have an HTML sitemap that wants to take that and link it to that in the footer. So if Google tracks any page of your website where they can follow the HTML sitemap and that HTML sitemap will list all the different pages that to have.

If you have more than one hundred pages, you might want to create Sitemap levels. So Google can track from one site map to the next. and there are not too many links on the page.

3.Add Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is the best compliment for WordPress. Make sure you don’t have any dead links. Make sure things are redirected correctly is not that expensive, and there is a lot of value. So I recommend that. Update and pay a little more in addition to those things that I just mentioned that they have specific jobs to scheme and local that can be Ideal for businesses too.

There’s also something called Optinmonster, which is a powerful sumo competitor, both are pretty good, and there are different pros and cons for each, but make sure you have at least one. Maybe one of the essential things on a WordPress website.

4.Beautiful Sidebar

Add a beautiful sidebar. It has to be very deliberate with what your sidebar looks like on any page given, especially in your blog, etc. make sure you have text at the top that tells people where they are on the web. the text box is your opportunity to tell people where they are, what they need to know about you.

Want to make sure you have social network icons. So people can subscribe if they wish to an email capture area. So people can accept your email and tell them all the benefits of email.

you also want to list your superior content, and besides that, it is generally a good idea to have a biography in the sidebar. and if you don’t have it in the sidebar, you want to make sure it is at your level of publication.

5.Add Site Kit

the main thing I spoke about site kit, which is a new Google plugin that is going to tell you a lot of useful information and connect all the different things.

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