How to Recoard Calls in Jio Phone-Reality

Are you searching for an app to record your phone calls on Jio phone while speaking to someone else? Then here we will answer all your quaries about this topic.

First of all, I want to clear this out that Jio phone only supports zip files, not Apk files so if you are searching for “jio phone call recording apk/app” then you are making a huge mistake without understanding the file types of Jio phones.

How to recoard calls in jio phone

As we all know almost all mobile phones have call recording features but the Jio phone menu has no such icon. Because there are no such apps available in the Jio store that can record your calls. It is based on a previously released Kaios operating system. Jio store has only the most used apps like WhatsApp, Jiocinema, Hotstar, sony liv, Jiosaavn, youtube, Jio news, etc. but as of now, it has no call recording app.

jio phone call recording

Android is a very useful and old operating system and there are plenty of android developers that upload new apps every day. But the Kaios operating system is not so popular and it’s growing day by day. they are releasing their new apps they may release such apps like automatic call recording, Instagram, twitter but at this time there is no call recorder in Jio phone. so all Jio phone users have to wait for this feature.

But if you want to record your own voice or something else (not related to calling) then there are several options. Here we will know how to record calls on our Jio phone.

There are two ways the first one may sound a little bit weird but if you really want to record your most important call then you can use this method.

Use a Gadget

As I mentioned above there is no such app that can record Jio phone calls. but we can use a recording gadget like another phone or recorder While speaking to someone else and this is the only way to record calls in jiophone

Use Online sites

In this method, you can not record your calls but you can record your own voice or your favorite voice with the help of numerous online sites we are suggesting some sites below use your favorite and record your voice.



  • Search for the website on google
  • you will find record button there
  • record and download in mp3 format.
  • That’s it.

We hope you found this post helpful and now you don’t have to visit many websites for the same Jio phone call recording app question.


Is there call recording in Jio phone?

How do I record a call on my Jio?
This feature is not available in Jio phone

How do I check my call history on my Jio phone?
Press call button and you will find the entire list

How do I record a call?
You can not record calls in Jio phone you can only record your voice.


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