How to Download and Install Play Store Apps in Jio phone

Are you searching for play store in jio phone or how to download it for jio phone. Then here you will know all about jio phone store and play store availability in Kaios devices.

Play store is an android app owned by Google rather Jiophone comes with Kaios operating system which is completely different from android. Android device support Apk extension files but Kaios supports zip extension files. We can not install android apps on Kaios devices like Jio phone.

play store in jio phone

Another best part about Kaios is it is very easy to develop Kaios apps. Kaios is owned by Mozilla firefox. Every small developer who has a good knowledge of HTML can develop Kaios apps.

So people are making new apps for Kaios devices like omnisd, jbstore, tiktok, etc. but these apps are not fully secured and not fully functional. Some of them are only a webpage link with an android app logo.

How some people are using the play store in jio phone?

Some of the Jio users installed play store app in jio phone through omnisd but they are not able to install android apps through this app. we can only browse like a normal browser. Jbstore is an app new app store that easily works on Kaios devices with the help of jbstore we can install some android apps like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Jbstore is not available on the Jio store we have to install it through omnisd. but it is not worth installing because we can get all useful apps in Jio store. Android apps are only made for android devices.

Jio phone store vs play store

Playstore is absolutely incredible with millions of android apps rather Jio store has a few apps. Android apps come with great quality and features but also remember app size. All quality android apps are more than 50 MB or so. Kaios apps contain very fewer data so these apps use only 1 or 2 MB storage so do not expect too much from these apps.

Best apps available on Jiostore

jio phone
Jio phone

JioSaavn- Listen to new audio songs through this app.
MyJio- A complete information of your Jio account plans
JioBrowser- Browse and search new things on google
JioTV- Enjoy watching your favorite TV channels like SonyTV, ZeeCinema, StarPlus, SabTV, etc.
JioCinema- Watch new movies and web series
JioChat- Chat with your family and friends
JioNews- Stay up to date with trending news
JioCloud- Use free cloud Jio storage
JioCall- Use for calling
Whatsapp- Same as an android with chatting and calling features
Hotstar- watch live shows and cricket matches
Google assistant- use for voice search
Facebook- chat with friends
Cricketext- One step destination for live cricket score
Voot- watch tv shows and movies
Maps- Search location
Zee5- watch tv shows, movies, and web series
Youtube- Watch youtube videos

The play store is an android app made for android devices. Therefore, we can not download the play store in jio phone. We can install so many apps through google play store in android devices. Android is the most popular operating system these days because android mobiles are not so costly.

Kaios is another operating system owned by Mozilla firefox. This operating system was officially released in 2016. Currently, Nokia and Jiophone devices are using this operating system.


Do not blindly trust on all third-party zipped apps for Jiophone use only Jio store apps. Many people are fooling with the play store icon in jio phone. do not trust them. I hope you found it helpful.

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