How to Download & Install OmniSD App in Jiophone

In this post, I am going to show you how to download Omnisd app in Jiophone and install it without any errors? so follow these steps to install Omnisd app on your phone.

If you have no idea about this app then read this post What is Omnisd?

First, I want to clear this out that Omnisd is not an Apk file. If you are searching for Omnisd Apk or Omnisd online then you will find a zip file, not an Apk file because Jiophone does not support apk files. Jiophone comes with KaiOS operating system which is released by Firefox. Therefore, It supports zip files, not Apk files.

how to download omnisd app


Benefit Of Downloading Omnisd App?

Some users are using Omnisd app because they want to use thirty-party apps that are not available on KaiOS operating system. apart from this, you can also install hotspot, automatic call recoarding, voice recoard in your Jiophone after installing Omnisd app. The downloading process of Omnisd app is very simple.

As we all know after the December 2019 update in all models of Jiophones. We are not able to install external apps through Omnisd but don’t worry if your Jio phone is updated. In this step by step guide, you will know how to downgrade your Jiophone and use Omnisd.

Omnisd in jiophone
Omnisd in jiophone

How to Downgrade Jio Phone

Download old Jio Phone Firmware and Flash through Qflash/Qfil or any other software. After flashing old firmware you will see some apps are missing from your menu. Or You can check in your device setting. And now you can install Omnisd.


2 Ways to install Omnisd

Install Omnisd Without Pc

Many Jio phone users want to install Omnisd without pc. Yes, it is possible in some Jio phone models like F90M and it may work on other models also. So follow these steps to install Omnisd on your mobile.

  1. Download Omnisd Zip File
  2. Move Downloaded File in SD card
  3. Switch Off Your Phone
  4. Open Recovery Mode(Different keys in all models)
  5. Click on Apply update from SD card
  6. Select the folder where you moved your zip file
  7. Install pressing the back button
  8. All Done.

Now Reboot your phone You will see a new application named Omnisd in your menu. Now you can use Omnisd to install other zipped apps. But this method doesn’t work on all models of Jiphone(tested on F90M). You can try once if you don’t have a pc. If you have a pc we don’t recommend this method.

Install Omnisd With Pc

Again there are two ways to install Omnisd with PC. You can flash Omnisd file in your phone or you can install it through WebIde. Installing through Webide is a long process especially for Jio phones because you have to temporarily root your phone and enable ADB and developer tools so use another method that is flashing Omnisd in your Device. You can flash Omnisd through Qfil.

First, make sure you want to flash this app because this is a third-party app. You may face some system-related issues after installing Omnisd.


  • Jiophone & Pc
  • Omnisd zip file
  • Qfil Tool & Drivers
  • Working USB data cable
  • Basic pc knowledge

If you have the above files then you can install Omnisd app through this tutorial. If you don’t have these files then download these files and Qfil tool from the below link. without drivers, your pc will not detect your phone. so download Qualcomm USB Drivers first and then start this process.

Omnisd file download with Qfil tool: Click Here

Run Qfil Tool as administrator.

qfil tool

Click on Flat build.

Now select programmer path clicking on browse.

omnisd firmware

open Omnisd firmware folder and select this file.

Click on Load XML.

Select this file.

load xml

A new pop up will appear immediately select this file.

select patch

Switch off your Jiophone.

Press boot keys at the same time.

Boot Keys For All Models

  • JiophoneF10Q : Volume up button and power key
  • JiophoneF30C : Volume up button and volume down button
  • JiophoneF30Y : Volume up button and volume down button with power key
  • JiophoneF41T : Press 1
  • JiophoneF50Y : Volume up button and volume down button with power key
  • JiophoneF61F : Jio key
  • JiophoneF81E : Press 5
  • JiophoneF90M : Volume up button and volume down button with power key
  • JiophoneF101K : Press 3
  • JiophoneF120 : Press * and #
  • Jiophone2403 : press * and #
  • Jiophone2403n : press * and #

Now connect USB data cable with the phone.

Keep boot keys pressed and then connect your phone with a USB cable. While connecting your phone will blink once. If you can see a port on top of the Qfil tool like COM5, COM11 or something like this.

In my case, it is showing COM3. Ok, our phone is now connected. Don’t worry if your phone does not blink check drivers in your pc and again follow the above steps. Now we can start Omnisd app download process.

select port

Click on the select port and select your port.

omnisd download

Click on the Download button. Flashing will be started and a blue line will appear like this. Now your Jiophone is flashing. Do not remove USB cable while flashing it may brick your device or you may completely lose all your mobile data. After some time you will see Download succeed in the Qfil bar.

omnisd app download
Omnisd app download

Click on Exit

Disconnect your Jiophone

Switch on your phone

It may not start in some cases. If your phone is not working then remove the phone battery and insert it again. Now reboot your Jiophone.

You will see an app named Omnisd in your menu

omnisd app
Omnisd app

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Omnisd app in your Jiophone. Now you are able to install third-party zipped apps in your Jiophone. But please don’t trust these apps because all these apps are not officially released.

Now there are many ways to install external apps in your jio phone All of them are listed below. You can install zipped apps through Omnisd or Wallace Toolbox. Or you can install it through WebIde.

  1. Omnisd
  2. Wallace Toolbox
  3. WebIde

I hope this Omnisd app download process gonna work for you. if you have any problems regarding this process then comment below I will reply ASAP.

Note: this tutorial is only for educational purpose do not misuse. We are not responsible for any kind of issue.

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  1. Hello , I have done all the process as you mentioned on this article .. But unfortunately I didn’t get success … At last moment it’s said that download failed. My connection with phone get succeed but it still can’t download this omnisd file into my phone . Help me. I hope as soon as possible you will reply.
    Thank you .

    1. It is because of Jio Phones’ recent updates. Check your phone if it has the JioHelpline app installed then you will not be able to install any third-party app.

    1. sir mera jio phone model name f220b me omnisd install nehi hua pliesa sir omnisd install kara du .

  2. my jio phone F10Q is updated can reset the phone after can i a install omnisd app
    jiophone is flash the old version install in phone and can install omnisd app

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