Jio Phone all Models Boot Keys for Flashing

As we all know Jio phone is a very popular feature phone in India and it has so many variants. This 4g device launched in 1500 INR in India and now prices are almost half. We can get a new jio phone in only 699 INR which is a very cheap price for a 4g device.

Jio phone comes with all useful apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, youtube, etc. Also, the recharge plans in this device are very low that’s why it became so popular in a short time.

jio phone boot keys
jio phone boot keys

Jio Phone Models

Do you know how many models does jio phone has? There are two different devices called Jio Phone 1 & Jio phone 2. As of now, there are more than 20 models available in Jio phone 1 variant. But the most popular variants are jio(lyf) f120B, jio(lyf) f220B and jio f90M model. Here is a complete list

Jio Phone(lyf) models

  1. Jio F30C
  2. Jio F101K
  3. Jio F120B
  4. Jio F220B
  5. Jio F211S
  6. Jio F221S
  7. Jio F250Y
  8. Jio F271I
  9. Jio F10Q
  10. Jio F41T
  11. Jio F50Y
  12. Jio F61F
  13. Jio F81E
  14. Jio F90M
  15. Jio LF2401
  16. Jio LF2402
  17. Jio LF2403
  18. Jio LF2403N
  19. Jio F300B

Boot Keys for Jio(lyf) phones

While connecting to our pc we need boot keys for all jio phones. Some times our phone gets stuck on the logo or restart again and again. So we can flash our device with the latest jio phone firmware. By flashing we can install Omnisd in our device.

first, download the latest jio phone flash file and install jio phone driver in your pc then flash your device via the Qflash tool. We can solve all system related issues by downloading firmware. So while connecting to your pc you will need Boot keys for your jio phone. Every jio phone has different boot keys. We have collected all device boot keys information.

jio f120b boot keypress * & #
jio f210q boot keypress * & #
jio Lf2401 boot keypress Power Key
jio f271i boot keypress * and # key
jio Lf2402 boot keypress Power Key
jio Lf2403 boot keypress * & #
jio f220b boot keypress * & #
jio Lf2403 boot keypress * & #
jio f90m boot keypress UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
jio f30c boot keypress UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
jio f211s boot keypress *
jio f221s boot keypress *
jio f101K boot keypress 3 key on phone
jio f50y boot keypress UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
jio f41t boot keypress 1 key on phone
jio f81e boot keypress 5 key on phone
jio f61f boot keypress jio Key

Now you will be able to connect your device to your pc via USB data cable. If you don’t found your device in this list drop a comment below. We will add boot keys for your device while updating this post.


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