How to install Omnisd in Jio phone without PC

Omnisd is a handy app for Kaios users. It allows us to install third-party apps in our device, such as hotspot, Tik-Tok, etc. Moreover, we can fully customize our device according to our choice.

In this post, I will show you how to Install Omnisd without PC through the recovery mode of your device.
Most Jio phone users don’t have a computer/PC, so they want to install it without a PC. That’s why I shared this method.



  1. Jio phone
  2. Omnisd Zip file
  3. SD Card

This method only works in the Lyf F50Y model don’t try on other devices.

Install omnisd without PC

  1. Insert SD card in your device
  2. Download Omnisd zip file Here
  3. Move the zipped file in SD card
  4. Switch off your phone
  5. Open recovery mode
  6. Click apply update from SD card
  7. Find Omnisd file and Install it

First of all, insert the SD card in your Jio phone and download Omnisd file.

It will be saved in your downloads folder in the internal device storage. Move this file in the SD card in a particular folder(like apps).

Now, switch off your phone and enter into the device’s recovery mode pressing boot and power keys at the same time.

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Select apply update from SD card and open the folder that contains the Omnisd zip file in my case, I stored this file in the apps folder.

Flash it in your device, and you will be redirected to recovery mode once the flashing is completed.

Reboot your phone, and you will find a new app in your menu named Omnisd. Just like this-

Omnisd in jiophone
Omnisd in jiophone

Many users are searching for the Omnisd Apk file. If you are one of them, that means you don’t know anything about Omnisd.

How Does Omnisd Work?

Omnisd Installs zipped files in your device, and Kaios devices do not support Apk files. So will not be able to install Apk files through this App.

How to use Omnisd?

As you may already know, Omnisd Supports zipped files so you can install only zipped Kaios apps through Omnisd. Follow these steps to install a new app in your device.

  1. Move zipped App in device’s downloads folder
  2. Open Omnisd App
  3. Press install
  4. That’s it

We have Installed Omnisd without PC in our device. Now you will be able to install any third-party zipped apps through Omnisd.

Why use Omnisd

Omnisd works like an offline application store. We can create and install our own apps through Omnisd.  Also, we can install any third-party apps that are very useful for Kaios users.


If the above method doesn’t work for you, then you can follow Install Omnisd with the PC method.


  1. Can I install Apk files in Jio Phone
  2. Can I install Tik-Tok in Jio Phone
  3. Can I Install Instagram through Omnisd- Yes
  4. Can we install Omnisd in F220b without Pc- No

We shared this post only for educational purpose.


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