3 Smart Ways to Use Hotspot in JioPhone

In this post, you will know how to use jiophone data in your pc or android device through eSIM, USB tethering & jiophone hotspot.

As we all know Jiophone is the cheapest 4g smartphone in India. currently, you can purchase it in only 1000 rupees on Amazon. Also, we can use it as a hotspot.

jiophone wifi hotspot
Jiophone wifi hotspot


  1. Good Quality USB data cable
  2. Jio phone
  3. Updated PC

1.As an eSIM in laptop

This is the best way to get connected with the internet with eSIM. If your PC is running on windows 10 version 1703 or later then you can use eSIM in your pc. Some laptops already have an eSIM feature. If your laptop supports this feature you can use it directly.

cellular data in windows 10

We can also use an eSIM device to get connected to 4g internet. Here, the best option is Jiophone it has the same feature available. so we can use it as an eSIM in our pc. If you have the latest version of Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10(version 1703 or later) then you can use eSIM via cellular option.

To know which windows version are you using click on setting choose system and then click on about. here you can see all the information about your pc including windows version.

Follow these steps to use the Jio phone as an eSIM.

  1. Click on Jiophone’s setting and disable USB storage.
  2. Disable data connection
  3. Connect Jio phone via pc with data cable

A pop up will appear and once your laptop will use Jio phone as an ethernet connection. suddenly it will be disconnected Wait for some time until the cellular icon appears. After 1 or 2 minutes your pc will be connected to the internet through the cellular data network.

Now you are able to use high-speed 4g internet on your laptop. Now you can enable your pc hotspot for other devices and use jiophone as a hotspot.

2.Via Jiophone USB tethering

This option is not officially enabled in Jio phone but we can manually enable it through Omnisd. You have to install a third-party application on our phone which is Omnisd. It’s quite difficult to install omnisd in Jiophone because it can’t be installed directly. We have to flash it in our device. read our post to flash Omnisd.

jiophone usb tethring
Jiophone USB tethering

After flashing Omnisd we can install other third-party apps like setting, twitter, Instagram, etc. For jio phone USB tethering you need to install a zipped setting via Omnisd. search for the zipped file in google and install it on your Jio phone.

3.Via Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jiophone

Previously, Jio enabled this option officially in all Jio phone models and now they removed for no reason. They may provide this option again in the near future. But again we can enable this option through Omnisd. Install a new setting app in Jiophone as I mentioned above and enable hotspot in jiophone.

how to use hotspot in jio phone
how to use hotspot in jio phone

We would not recommend you to use 2nd and 3rd option. By flashing you may lose mobile warranty and maybe you may brick your device. so we would suggest the first option which is really good.

I hope now you are able to use a hotspot in jiophone. If you have any queries related to this topic ask in the comment section below.

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